Anonymous sent: Where do u make your gifs?

i use photoshop cs6!

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eeeep if anyone has a twitter and wants to follow me, that’d be awesome! my u/n is @zhou__

i’ll follow you back lol i know ive been really inactive on this sideblog lately :-( i’ll try to get back to posting soon!! ((in fact i see some song joong ki edits coming your way veeeeeery soon))

i also believe that someone put a request in my inbox a few weeks ago for eps 171 and 172?? finals are over and it’s winter break now so i’ll definitely try to make those exo gifs this week

running man episode 144

hi guys haha sorry for bein inactive lately but i am still here jsyk!! if you guys have any requests you could put them in my ask and ill see if i can do them when i have time ((cos i have absolutely no idea what to make lol))

kim jong kook and lee gwang soo

kim jong kook and lee gwang soo

song ji hyo in jyj’s in heaven mv